1. State protection  of investments

2. Legal status of the Free Economic Zone is subject to and can be modified only by the Law of Parliament of the RM.

3. Possibility of transfer of earned income outside the Republic of Moldova

4. Preferential treatment for promotion of economic activity

5. Impossibility of expropriation, nationalization, sequestration and confiscation, otherwise than under a court decision

6. Guarantee of legal provisions within next 10 years starting from the moment of registration in the capacity of Resident of the Free Economic Zone

7. Free circulation of goods (services) within the Free Economic Zone

8. Possibility of transfer of goods (services) from one Resident to another within the Free Economic Zone with bill of lading only, without drawing up of customs declaration.

9. Preferential customs treatment (Customs Post is situated within the Free Economic Zone)

10. Presence of Customs Post within the Free Economic Zone

11. Preferential fees