The candidate’s proposals for tender should be submitted at the Free Economic Zone “Balti” administration main office at the following address: 4, Industrial st, Balti municipality, in 2 copies (Romanian, Russian or English), that will contain:

- The request to be accepted at the tender, on the name of the FEZ “Balti” main administrator;

- The copy of registration certificate as legal subject of entrepreneurial activity of Republic of Moldova, issued by the Chamber Of State Registration of the Department of Informational technology of Moldova, or a letter of guarantee regarding the registration, after becoming a tenant;

- The copy of the payment of participation fee in a tender;

- Investment project or business plan for the next 2-3 years of activity, taking into consideration the activity in the free economic zone;

- The intention to participate at the zone’s infrastructure development plans;

- The copy statement issued by the Chamber of Registration of Moldova, not older than 30 days;

- The copy of administrator ID;

- Name of the authorized persons to act in the name of participant at the tender;

- A brief information about the participant;

- Sponsorship possibilities;

- The candidates who don’t own any property in the free zone shall submit a previous agreement of the renting conditions and the owners of the property – the documents proving the ownership.

For the companies requiring the tenant status and activity authorization should fulfill the following requirements:

- 5 (five) new jobs establishing during the first year of activity;

- at least 20 (twenty) thousands  during the first year of activity;

Participation fee – 400 Euros, the payment will be done in MDL at the rate of the NBM at the day of payment.

The account for payment:

Bank: Victoriabank SA, fil. nr.1, mun. Balti 
Bank code: VICBMD2X740
Account: MD59VI000002224801435MDL
Beneficiary: Free Economic Zone “Balti”
Tax code: 30967126

The destination of payment: Participation fee for the tender of tenants selection, which will not be reimbursed in case that candidate will not pass.