Free Economic Zone Balti (FEZ Balti) is your way to success, as a trade HUB to the EU and CIS market thanks to its favorable geographical position.

FEZ Balti has been created in 2010, 23rd of March by the law nr.26 of the Parliament of Republic of Moldova for a period of 25 years. The official open door day was on May 26th, 2010 having a large number of guests and at the presence of Draexlmaier Company representatives, Local and Central Public Authorities. Through the years the initial FEZ Balti borders has been extended due to the ascending interest for the zone. Therefore, on September 24th of the same year, the Parliament approved the FEZ Balti extension with the 110 ha (law nr.243 from 24th of September, 2010) and promulgated by the President of Republic of Moldova at 8th of October, 2010. The most recent changes of FEZ Balti borders have been occurred in 2012, by establishment of Subarea nr.4 from Straseni city (23 km distance of Chisinau), on the territory of CAAN company with a total area of 12 ha for 23 years.