Administration of FEZ “Bălţi”, hereinafter referred to as the Administration, is a state body founded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, with the status of legal entity, which carries out its activity basing on the principles of self-financing.

The Administration is governed by the Chief Administrator assigned by the Government of the RM. Chief Administrator employs and dismisses Administration's staff, imposes sanctions and stimulations, approves official duties of subdivisions and staff, issues orders and dispositions within his competences.

Chief Administrator elaborates plans and programs on advanced development of free zone and approves these, after coordination of all their social and ecologic aspects, as well as those of extension of infrastructure of the free zone with authorities of local public administration, Ministry of Economy, and in case of necessity - with residents.

Administrator represents Administration in state and country governing bodies, at meetings, exhibitions, seminars, international forums, as well as signs contracts without power of attorney.