The free economic zones have long proved their benefit for the economy of dozens of countries, either establishing or improving their economy. Their goal was to facilitate the economic development by attracting capital investment. For this purpose, special favorable terms similar to the tax incentives have been created. Thus, the free access of goods to the country in combination with a lower tax on profit earned in the zone represents a favorable prerequisite for the investment generation.

Regarding the advantages offered by the free economic zones of the Republic of Moldova, these are diverse. Undoubtedly, the advantages of Free Economic Zone “Balti” refer to the region on the territory of which the free zone is situated. It is worth emphasizing the following advantages offered to exporters by the free economic zone:

1.  Highly-qualified work force available (Bălţi mun. is the second largest city in the Republic of Moldova with the population of 148 thousand citizens)

2.  Available free space with the regime of free zone (110 ha) and under general regime ( 26 ha).

3.  Developed infrastructure

4.  Close proximity to the international route Cernăuţi - Chişinău - Odessa, Bălţi International Airport and Mărculeşti Free Airport.

5.   Possibility of development of cross-border projects

6.  Equal access to the market of EU and CIS


FEZ “Bălţi” benefits of the following elements of infrastructure:

  • National and international route in close proximity;
  • International airport at a distance of 7 km;
  • High-voltage power line;
  • High-pressure gas pipeline;
  • Potable water supply;
  • Sewerage;
  • Optical fiber network for transmission of INTERNET data and fixed telephony.